Smart cavity technology from MIVEG.

MIVEG's cavity technology enables a unique variety of grill skewers.
A technology for endless possibilities.

The 5-compartment cavity

The classic for 45 years. The 5-compartment cavity is the basis of the manual, semi-automatic and automatic skewer production. For grill skewers with meat, onions, peppers or bacon beans and vegetables.

5-compartment cavity: for large pieces of meat.

The 6-compartment cavity

The 6-compartment cavity is for grill skewers with more ingredients than the classic 5-compartment cavity. This cavity is a standard for e.g. meat and vegetable skewers. With this cavity you can increase your sales per skewer because more ingredients or variations are on the stick.

6-compartment cavity: for medium-sized pieces of meat.

The 7-compartment cavity

The 7-compartment cavity is the universal cavity for maximum variety. It is the answer to the increased demand for even more skewer variations. For the greatest possible selection at the fresh produce counter. The 7-compartment cavity has smaller pockets for smaller cut ingredients. This takes less cooking time on the grill and we can use less heat-resistant ingredients, such as grilled cheese. This cavity is particularly suitable for a wide variety of grill skewer lengths.

7-compartment cavity: for the optimal meat cubes and various wooden skewer lengths.

The waved meat skewer cavity

The shaft skewer cavity is the platform for production of the popular barbecue belly slices on a stick. The production with this cavity is very fast and very easy. The grilled food skewered this way is tasty, crispy and looks great.
This cavity also serves as a pre-production stage for wrapped grill skewers with the MVEG Wrap System 600. Further, you produce waved meat with poultry, pork, beef and much more. Another advantage of the waved meat skewer cavity: Skewered that way, grill belly skewers sell even better.

High speed for grill belly slices on skewers.

MIVEG skewer cavities: That is grill skewer success as a system. The cavity can be changed in a very short time.

This modular concept is unique.

You can change the cavity within 5 minutes. The training period for employees is very short. The MIVEG learning effects can be adapted to all grill skewer products.

MIVEG grill skewer cavities: scalable business. Unique system. Built in growth. Adaptable learning effects. Very short training and familiarization period. Immediate productivity.


Understand immediately. Produce immediately.

The training period for employees with MIVEG skewer systems is very short. This is mainly due to the smart cavity technology, Made in Germany. A decisive competitive advantage is the maximum practicality. Loading the cavity works instantly and is very easy. Every cavity is filled in just a few simple steps, regardless of whether it has 5 or 7 compartments.

The MIVEG 5-compartment cavity. The classic for shashlik and grill skewer.

The 5-compartment cavity enables a variety of grill skewers with meat. This cavity is the right choice for companies that like to sell classic grill skewers. Make traditional grill skewers with large pieces of meat, perfect for meat lovers.

The 5-compartment cavity

5 compartments for ingredients. For meat cubes up to 30 x 30 mm in size. For grill skewers with a weight of approx. 165 grams per skewer. With this cavity with 5 compartments you produce the classic shashlik, skewered with 5 x meat, 4 x paprika and 4 x onion ingredients.

What you can do with it.

With the 5-compartment cavity you can produce:
• Meat skewers
• Pork, pepper and onion skewers
• Vegetable skewers
• Bacon and bean skewers

MIVEG systems with 5-compartment cavities


Shortest changeover time. So that production runs.

Standstill is to be avoided. Downtimes are reduced to a minimum with MIVEG systems. A cavity change takes place within 5 minutes. 5 minutes with the Stick System 480 and 20 minutes with the Skewer System 7200 - and we are talking about an hourly output of 7200 grill skewers per hour. This is high speed.

The MIVEG 6-compartment cavity.
For more variety in the grill, oven and pan skewer.

One more compartment than the classic 5-compartment cavity. One more compartment for even more variety on the grill skewer. With the 6-compartment cavity you can combine meat, grilled cheese, fruit and vegetables in 6 compartments. Skewered like this, you offer your customers a lot more choice. And you have the chance of even more sales.

The 6-compartment cavity

6 compartments for all ingredients up to a size of 28 x 28 mm. You can use it to combine meat, vegetables, fruit and grilled cheese into delicious grill skewers. Ideal for vegetable skewers and meat skewers with medium-sized pieces. Grill skewers from the 6-compartment cavity have an approximate total weight of up to 180 g. With the 6-compartment cavity you can also make shorter grill skewers such as antipasti or grilled cheese.

Skewers produced with the 6-compartment cavity.

Skewers produced with the 6-compartment cavity With the 6-compartment cavity you can produce:
• Antipasti skewers
• Vegetable skewers
• Robber skewers
• Bratwurst skewers

MIVEG systems with 6-compartment cavities


Cavities for more sales per skewer

A skewer with several ingredients or a higher number of ingredients generates more sales than a standardized skewer with few ingredients. If this is of interest to you, please read on:

The 6-compartment cavity allows more lengths for the wooden skewers than the 5-compartment cavity. The special thing about the 7-compartment cavity is that you can use skewer in all lengths. Short grill skewers with more ingredients are also possible.

With this increased variety, you leave the standard of grill skewer production by far. You differentiate your grill skewer offer from the competition with different lengths and ingredients. Your grill skewer will be more attractive with a 6 or 7 compartment cavity and therefore more profitable.

The MIVEG 7-compartment cavity. The ultimate in the variety of skewers.

Grill skewers made with the 7-compartment cavity are the strongest sales drivers. With it you present an unbelievable variety of grill skewers, of the highest quality. As if made by hand.

The 7-compartment cavity

The 7-compartment cavity creates all wooden skewer lengths and can also be used for shorter grill skewers. This cassette enables your own seasonal grill skewer ideas. There are no longer any limits to your creativity.
The 7 compartments also offer the advantage of smaller ingredients. With this cavity you have a total weight of approx. 200 grams per skewer, with a maximum variety of grill skewer options. Another advantage: You need less weight per ingredient.

What you can do with it.

With the 7-compartment cavity you can produce:
• Pork, pepper and onion skewers
• Chicken and plum skewers
• Antipasti skewers
• Grilled cheese skewers

MIVEG systems with 7-compartment cavities


You have to deliver. A huge amount very quickly?

The hut is on fire because the sun is suddenly shining? Or do you have supply agreements with large customers and delivery obligations? Then it is about speed and the highest quality. We recommend the wave skewer cavity for the popular grill belly on a skewer.

The MIVEG waved meat skewer cavity.
Direct hit at peak times in the barbecue season.

Produce waved meat skewers in their most beautiful form. And that at top speed.

The waved meat skewer cavity

The MIVEG waved meat cavity creates high-speed production of grill belly slices. You skewer with that sticks of different lengths from 150 mm to 235 mm, with a diameter of 3.2 mm to 3.8 mm.

The waved meat cavity fits the Stick System 480 and our semi-automatic or automatic Skewer Systems.

Do you prefer to make a barbecue grill stick? This cavity is the pre-production stage for the MVEG Wrap System 600. Or you produce waved meat with poultry, pork, beef and much more. Another advantage of the waved meat skewer cavity: Skewered that way, barbecue belly skewers sell even better.

The fastest wave …

It all happens very quickly: thigh meat, bacon or beef skewer. You can even mix types of meat with the waved meat skewer cavity. This is particularly interesting for catering.

MIVEG systems that make waves

The MIVEG waved meat skewer cavity (from 4 compartments) fits for
• Stick System 480
• Skewer System 1440
• Skewer System 4080
• Skewer System 7200


MIVEG cavities for all possibilities

No matter whether you offer classic, traditional or trendy grill skewers. There is a MIVEG cavity for your product. Do you have any questions? Please ask. We also design custom-made cavities for individual products. The skewer production is hot now! Take advantage of the trend.