Preparation of the fillet skewer on bacon beans with the Stick System 480.

Step by step instructions. Total weight per skewer: approx. 180 g.
(Stick System 480 with 5-compartment cavity).

1. The ingredients

You need the following ingredients for the fillet skewer on bacon with beans: beef fillet, bacon, beans and onions. These ingredients are for a skewer with a weight of approx. 180 grams each: 3 x meat, 2 x beans wrapped in bacon, 2 x onions.

2. Take the correct wooden skewer

The right length of the beechwood skewer is crucial for the perfect grill skewer. Take beech wood skewers with a length of 200 mm and a diameter of 3.2 mm. Length and diameter are decisive for the taste and aroma of the skewer when grilling.

3. The right cube size

So that the fillet is cooked when grilling, each piece of meat should be cut a maximum of 35 x 35 mm. (So that the fillet is cooked when grilling, each piece of meat should be cut a maximum of 35 x 35 mm. (Because we use fillet here, every piece of meat is allowed larger than the standard size of 28 x 28 mm. Fillet needs little cooking time on the grill, which is why we have a larger format here.

4. The onion also needs a format

Each onion slice should be max. 45 mm cut. Use butcher's onions because they can be used to make larger slices. The onion makes the skewer juicy and sweet on the grill and transports the roasted aromas.

5. The size of the beans wrapped in bacon

Cut the bean to a length of approx. 55 mm. Then wrap a small bundle of about 5 beans with smoked bacon. You need two bacon and bean bundles for each skewer.

6. 200 mm with 3.2 mm diameter

Prepare your round wooden skewers made of beech wood. A length of 200mm with a diameter of 3.2mm is best. Then there is enough handle to touch. The skewer becomes nice and compact if only a little wood can be seen in front.

The cavity with 5 compartments

This cavity of the Stick System 480 has five compartments. This cavity is perfect for making the fillet skewers on bacon beans. As you can see in the picture, the beech wood skewers are of the right length.

Ready? When you are …

Have your ingredients been prepared and are the beech wood skewers on the table? Then you can get started. Now it`s really fast. Tip: Sort the ingredients (e.g. one ingredient per box) and place everything beside the Stick System 480.

The first row. Almost finished

Put the ingredients in rows. You will be quickest if you fill the first, third and fifth rows with meat. Then the second and fourth with bacon and beans. This is how it works very fast. And … done.

The onion intervenes

Finally, insert a piece of onion into the second and fourth cavity compartment from the top. You have now put your first complete line of ingredients for the fillet skewer with bacon. Now you actually know already how to do it.

Insert 4 beech wood skewers

Now place four beech wood skewers in the guide rail with the point forward, close the lid and press the lid handle down firmly with one hand.

4x faster and as if made by hand

Use the other hand to push the stick system`s push handle forwards. Now four fillet skewers are skewered loosely and in the middle. Then pull back the push handle and open the lid. There are now four finished skewers in front of you, as if skewered by hand. By the way: With the Stick System 480 you can manage up to 300 of these skewers per hour.

In the counter, set, go

Now you can present the first skewers of bacon in your counter. Increase your sales and win new customers for your business now. We wish you every success with your Stick System 480.

Grilled ready. Pure enjoyment

Prepared and placed in this way, your skewers will be super juicy and delicious on the grill or in the pan. Everything is cooked properly and food on a stick is joy. Your customers like to buy this. Again and again.


The Stick System 480 from MIVEG. This means that every employee can immediately prepare delicious grill skewers. You will also receive skewer ideas and recipes with the purchase.

The perfect wooden stick is also important for the perfect skewer. Take beech wood skewers from MIVEG 235 mm long, 3.8 mm diameter. These skewers are tested for food safety.

Take fillet, bacon, beans and onion. Prepare the ingredients in such a way that each inserted skewer weighs approx. 180 grams.


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Stick System 480 · manuelles Spießsystem für den perfekten Grillspieß


Fast skewer production in consistently high quality. As if made by hand.


Profile yourself with grill specialties. The Stick System 480 is the smart entry into the professional skewer business. Offer "quality instead of quantity" with grill specialties, as if made by hand.


With the Stick System 480 you relieve your staff. This makes the production of the grill skewers easier. This makes your calculation more stable and your profit increases. With the Stick System 480 you offer a consistently high level of quality.


With the Stick System 480 you offer new, enjoyable products at the counter. You create a high quality, distinctive range of grill products. That brings more customer satisfaction and new customers.


The Stick System 480 skewers in the correct cube size. On the grill, the meat becomes juicy and tasty, beautifully tender and aromatic. Here, you will find further valuable information for the perfect grill skewer with meat.


Downtime is very expensive. We need every hand for the butcher's trade. The Stick System 480 helps to avoid injuries during the grill skewer production and complies also with the strict hygiene regulations.


With the Stick System 480 you offer new, enjoyable products at the counter. You create a high quality, unique range of grill products. That brings more customer satisfaction and new customers.